Transparent Color

Color when it is suffused with light that has a luminosity and intensity that I utilize in my work. Light that has movement, it illuminates and transforms the environment with color.  
My interest is in the interaction of color and shape when the attribute of light is added, the structure is based on affinities and inclinations between and among the elements.

Deanna Sirlin, Strata, 2019, I of 20 windows, each 7 x 5"


As it passes through color, light can be healing for the viewer. Many artists have made works in glass or other transparent media from stained glass. Stained glass has been around since the 13th century. Contemporary artists who use stained glass include Joseph Albers, Damian Hirst, and Gerhard Richter.
Project: Find pieces of transparent media. Using clear or opaque tape, join the pieces together in an interesting composition. Place the transparent composition on a window. Readjust layer or add or subtract pieces on the work. View the work at different times of day in different light conditions. Enlarge the work if you can to fill an entire window. 

Deanna Sirlin, Strata (detail) 1 of 20 windows, each 7 x 5' 




Josef Albers, Gitterbild (Grid Mounted), ca. 1921, glass, metal, and wire, 12 3/4 × 11 3/8" The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation © 2013 ARS, NYC 


Gerhard Richter, Cologne Cathedral Stained Glass Window, 2007,
Colored glass. Cologne Cathedral.

Sigmar Polke, Stone window for the Grossmünster, in Zurich, 2007
Photo: Matz Und Schenk; Courtesy Michael Werner Gallery
Sirlin Studio