The rhythms and colors of the urban city are of great beauty to me. My paintings that are made of layers and textures, a grid of shapes that reflect the aerial view of streets and buildings. There is much beauty in the urban landscape, of objects found and repurposed that create a kind of quilt of meaning.  Each artwork is made by combining mixed media elements that articulate a complex view of the city as a place of streets and grids. Each layer is a reflection of time and place, each a made or found piece that is repurposed to be part of a larger whole. The works reflect on the view of experiencing the city and in particular Atlanta, the place I live. In these gridded works of color and paint the viewer is meant to experience the city as it is a place that is walked and driven through, that time and space create the place in its complexity and intricacy.

Deanna Sirlin, Raise, 2018, Mixed media on Vellum, 11 x 8.5"



Artworks are often made from non-traditional materials. Some artists who have made significant works using found materials that you might find to be of interest are: Kurt Schwitters; El Anatsui, who uses bottle caps; Ibrahim Mahama, who uses jute sacks,  and John Chamberlain, who used car parts.
Project: Find a series of articles that you would like to repurpose into an artwork. Choose objects to put in your art that have meaning for you. Repurpose other non-art materials. Combine art materials to create a 2 or 3-dimensional artwork.

El Anatsui, In the World, But don't know the World? (2009), private collection. Photo: Jonathan Greet, courtesy October Gallery, London.


John Chamberlain, Hatband, 1960 Painted steel, 148.6 × 134.6 × 96.5 cm. Private collection. © 2012 John Chamberlain/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


Kurt Schwitters, Cigar, 1947, Collage on paper, 7 x 5 3/4 "

Sirlin Studio